27 January 2016

Street Magic

31 October 2013

de Los Muertos

20 September 2013


thanks to everyone who came to the workshop! what a wonderful experience . we are looking forward to doing a ritual workshop soon!

19 August 2013

an old deck

is a good deck.

02 July 2013

Our Workshops at Homestead Apothecary

Dream Juju: Making your dreams work 

By creating talisman individuals can empower themselves with the tools manifest goals and dreams. 

Participants will learn the art of making juju,gris-gris or talisman for specific use. Mojo, gris-gris & juju are all terms that identify a type of magic that is created for a specific intent whether it be to attract love, wealth or protection our way. Most are created by using herbs,roots,minerals and zoological artifacts. From ritual to gathering materials, by the workshop's end each person will have made a dream juju. Each participant will receive a list of items to bring to the workshop upon registration.
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30 January 2013


McDonald Educational Chart 

16 January 2013

25 June 2012

street magic

06 June 2012

the sea is calling

10 April 2012

altar cloths

 ( pictured altar cloth for baron samedi. test run )

coming soon. hand blocked altar cloths and banners.